WINTER and HOLIDAY Fabric Face Masks

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- Adult size is one-size-fits-most

- Child size is recommended for children 2-8 years

MASK STYLE DESCRIPTIONS: Pleated- Made from 2 layers of pleated cotton woven fabric with a flexible nose piece and stretch ties for a comfortable fit. STRETCH- Made from a single layer of stretch cotton fabric, gathered at the ties for a contoured fit. No metal nose piece. HYBRID- One layer of crushed velvet, interior layer of cotton fabric. Gathered at the ties with no metal nose piece.

- Choose between over-the-ear loop or behind-the-head tie attachment.

- CURRENT TURN AROUND TIME before being ready to ship is 5-7 business days. 

- Due to the personal nature of this product, I cannot accept returns or exchanges.

A few important notes about masks- DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE MICROWAVE to sanitize them. The bendable nose piece is made of metal. I cannot make an official recommendation for how to sanitize them, however I do suggest that you read this article from Popular Science about the pros and cons of different cleaning methods.
Also, please do not leave masks unattended with your children. The ties could be a choking hazard.

** These face masks are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any form of disease **