$5 Fabric Face Masks

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To choose: pay close attention to the item you are choosing! These masks are pre made and ready to ship, therefore cannot be altered. See stretch/pleated style descriptions below. A= adult size, C= child size. FP= includes filter pocket, NFP= no filter pocket. E= ear loops, H= behind head ties.

- Adult size is one-size-fits-most

- Child size is recommended for children 2-10 years


- STRETCH: Made from a SINGLE LAYER of stretch cotton fabric. 95% cotton for a tight weave, and 5% spandex stretch for a comfortable fit. No metal nose piece or filter pocket.

-PLEATED: Made from 2 layers of pleated cotton woven fabric with a flexible nose piece and stretch ties for a comfortable fit. May or may not have a filter pocket slit- check each individual item. 

- Due to the personal nature of this product, I cannot accept returns or exchanges.

A few important notes about masks- I cannot make an official recommendation for how to sanitize them, however I do suggest that you read this article from Popular Science about the pros and cons of different cleaning methods. https://www.popsci.com/story/diy/face-mask-sterilizing-sanitizing-guide/
Also, please do not leave masks unattended with your children. The ties could be a choking hazard.
Lastly, feel free to cut the ties to whatever length you'd like... they are made from a fabric that won't fray and get all crazy.
** These face masks are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any form of disease **